About Us

Central Green is a half-acre public park developed by Willow Fork Drainage District to serve as a central gathering space for Katy residents and visitors and is only a short drive from Houston' s Energy Corridor and West Houston. Free public programming, ranging from exercise classes and family events to outdoor concerts and movie nights, is planned year-round. The park is publicly owned and operated by Willow Fork Drainage District.


Central Green was designed to provide a much needed community gathering space on the west side of Houston and to create a sense of unity between existing neighborhoods and local schools, linking the community to regional trail systems. Central Green was designed by the landscape architectural firm TBG Partners and officially opened to the public June 1, 2013.


Central Green is owned and managed by Willow Fork Drainage District. For more information on the District, please visit www.willowforkdrainagedistrict.com.


In November 2011, voters approved $29 million in bond funds to construct park, trail and recreational facilities benefitting Willow Fork Drainage District. The District issued $5,980,000 in bonds in 2012 to fund the first phase of the District's park plan, which included $1,853,000 for the construction of Central Green Park. For more information on park and trail improvements within the District and plans for future enhancements, please go to www.willowforkdrainagedistrict.com/parks/master-plan.